Mudpuppy Sample Map

My terrific collaborators at Herpetological Resource and Management put together this map of the Mudpuppy samples we have acquired so far from the Huron-Erie Corridor (St. Clair-Detroit River System) here in SE Michigan. Each yellow dot represents a capture record, for which we have a tissue sample. We never could have done this on ourContinue reading “Mudpuppy Sample Map”

State of the Strait

There was a neat event yesterday here at EMU – the State of the Strait, a biennial conference with the goal of coordinating conservation action along the St. Clair-Detroit River System (a.k.a. SCDRS, a.k.a. the Huron-Erie Corridor, a.k.a. the focal region for our ongoing Mudpuppy work). I attended part of the meeting, in between teachingContinue reading “State of the Strait”

Congratulations, Patrick!

This has been a fun week for my lab. My second Master’s student, Patrick Terry, successfully defended his thesis on Tuesday. Patrick came to the lab from Ohio University, where he had worked on some turtle projects and developed a strong interest in all things Testudines. Here at EMU, Patrick has been an incredibly independentContinue reading “Congratulations, Patrick!”

Fall visit to the George Reserve

The lab had a prospective student visiting yesterday, Jeff Bartman (currently working with Dr. Jennifer Moore at GVSU). It was a great excuse for a few of us to get out to the George Reserve for a fall visit. We’d had a very rainy day on Wednesday, courtesy of the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, soContinue reading “Fall visit to the George Reserve”

Congratulations, Marisa! (REDUX)

As I posted about recently, lab undergraduate researcher Marisa Hildebrandt attended the Sigma Xi Student Research Conference this past weekend. Not only did she report having a terrific time, but the following news came to my phone on Saturday evening: She also sent a photo of the swanky medal she gets to wear around townContinue reading “Congratulations, Marisa! (REDUX)”

Dinnertime Sci Comm (Part 1)

If you are part of the online scientific blogging and/or tweeting community, you have probably heard of #upgoerfive. This was an exercise inspired by an xkcd illustration of a rocket, labeled using only the 1000 most common words in the English language. Scientists challenged each other to describe research programs or scientific concepts in theContinue reading “Dinnertime Sci Comm (Part 1)”