State of the Strait

There was a neat event yesterday here at EMU – the State of the Strait, a biennial conference with the goal of coordinating conservation action along the St. Clair-Detroit River System (a.k.a. SCDRS, a.k.a. the Huron-Erie Corridor, a.k.a. the focal region for our ongoing Mudpuppy work). I attended part of the meeting, in between teaching two classes. My collaborator on the Mudpuppy project, Dave Mifsud, was able to stay for the entire event. There were some terrific talks and a lot of extremely valuable networking – thanks to the organizers for putting together such a terrific meeting! It is really exciting to know there are so many organizations and agencies collaborating for the improvement of our local environment.

We presented a poster that is a broad overview of the Mudpuppy project, describing the goals of both the restoration and research efforts. Here is the pdf if you’d like to take a look!

State of the Strait_Mudpuppy Project



Published by Katy Greenwald

Professor of Biology at Eastern Michigan University

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