Team Salamander

“Team Salamander” is the field crew that helps out with Ambystoma breeding season each spring. A huge thanks to the following people:

2016: Cristina Bugescu, Zachary Kellogg, Danita King, David Martin

2015: Cristina Bugescu, Nicole Bush, Katherine Campbell, Dixxon Darlington, Marisa Hildebrandt, Amber Stedman

2014: Alexandra Arebalo, Katherine Campbell, Danielle Hulvey, Marisa Hildebrandt

2013: Danielle Hulvey, Katrina Nicholls, Olivia Scheffler, Sarah Sherburne, Justin Straub

2012: Jay Krystyniak, Tom Nuttall, Olivia Scheffler, Katie Shott, Chase Stevens

2011: Jay Krystyniak, T.J. Kunde, Tom Nuttall, Katie Shott, Donn Stroud

We also work with the following terrific collaborators at other institutions:

Dr. Michael F. Benard, Case Western Reserve University
Dr. James P. Bogart, University of Guelph
David Clipner, Leslie Science & Nature Center
David Mifsud, Herpetological Resource and Management
Dr. H. Lisle Gibbs, Ohio State University


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