Christina (Casto) Teltser


Christina was my first graduate student, coming to the lab from West Virginia University. She completed her Master’s degree in December 2013 with a thesis entitled: “Survivorship of Ploidy-Variable Unisexual Ambystoma Salamanders Across Developmental Stages.” Her thesis research was subsequently published in Herpetologica.

December 2016 update from Christina!
“I’m currently living in Louisville, Kentucky and working at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. I’ve been working on habitat and stream restoration projects and wildlife reintroduction. I have also started working on several projects here as a drone pilot!  A few projects I’ve been a part of involve cave surveys and we have a surplus of Slimy and Cave salamanders. We also have plenty of ponds with Jefferson’s hanging around so if you ever want to expand your research sites come on down! We are about 6 hours away from EMU but we have free lodging for researchers. We have about 13 ponds, some man made and some natural. I’m currently working on getting an amphibian survey proposal submitted for a small grant. Fingers crossed!”

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